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[Caitlin O'Connell] Ô Elephant Don [young-adult-historical-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ¹ Meet Greg He S A Stocky Guy With An Outsized Swagger He S Been The Intimidating Yet Sociable Don Of His Posse Of Friends Including Abe, Keith, Mike, Kevin, Torn Trunk, And Willie But One Arid Summer The Tide Begins To Shift And The Third Ranking Kevin Starts To Get Ambitious, Seeking A Higher Position Within This Social Club But This Is No Ordinary Tale Of Gangland Betrayal Greg And His Entourage Are Bull Elephants In Etosha National Park, Namibia, Where, For The Last Twenty Three Years, Caitlin O Connell Has Been A Keen Observer Of Their Complicated Friendships In Elephant Don, O Connell, One Of The Leading Experts On Elephant Communication And Social Behavior, Offers A Rare Inside Look At The Social World Of African Male Elephants Elephant Don Tracks Greg And His Group Of Bulls As O Connell Tries To Understand The Vicissitudes Of Male Friendship, Power Struggles, And Play A Frequently Heart Wrenching Portrayal Of Commitment, Loyalty, And Affection Between Individuals Yearning For Companionship, It Vividly Captures An Incredible Repertoire Of Elephant Behavior And Communication Greg, O Connell Shows, Is Sometimes A Tyrant And Other Times A Benevolent Dictator As He Attempts To Hold Onto His Position At The Top Though Elephant Don Is Greg S Story, It Is Also The Story Of O Connell And The Challenges And Triumphs Of Field Research In Environs Hospitable To Lions And Snakes Than Scientists Readers Will Be Drawn Into Dramatic Tales Of An Elephant Society At Once Exotic And Surprisingly Familiar, As O Connell S Decades Of Close Research Reveal Extraordinary Discoveries About A Male Society Not Wholly Unlike Our Own Surely We Ve All Known A Greg Or Two, And Through This Book We May Come To Know Them In A Whole New Light This was interesting i didnt have time to readall of it though.
Proof that an incredibly fascinating subject can be made dull with flat writing I wanted this to be so much especially with a tagline like Politics of a Pachyderm Posse

This is so close to perfect that I could not fail to give it 5 stars The section on the cognitive studies of other species as they related to elephants was probably a 4 star or 4.
5 but that did not deter my enjoyment That small section might not entrance readers who find reading scientific description of trial premise, method and result, NOT as enjoyable as I do.
But in the field work Detail by detail description is at least 80% of the book, and that is stellar survey Stellar too as the orange glow of sunset at the water hole with the birds and other animals being scattered by our huge fellows coming to Mushara in society Over years of field work she mentions 17th at one point we follow Greg and his posse as the focal crux But they are just the Biggest Boys Club, there is SO much in the telling The author and small Although a bit slow paced, I really like the observations and descriptions of the behaviors of musth elephants This books gives insight into the behavior of bull elephants and brings readers away from the stereotypical ideas of solitary bulls and matriarchal females I especially love the character of Greg he is such a memorable character, both as a leader and as an elephant.

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